Quick Stats (M1.0 and higher)

  • Number of quakes today: 229
  • Number of quakes past week: 1,414
  • Number of quakes past month: 6,438
  • Number of quakes past year: 99,651

Latest Magnitude 1 and above Earthquakes Worldwide

We provide earthquake information and alerts worldwide based on USGS data. We capture latest earthquake information for magnitude 1.5 and higher. We provide real time updates on latest earthquakes happening across the globe. We have a database of over 390,000 earthquakes occurred since year 1900. We also provide platform where users can share their earthquake experiences, photos, and videos. We also provide links to various Earthquake funds where you can donate to get aid to quake survivors and victims. Earthquakelatest.com locates 50-200 quakes each day, about 2600 per each, and or about 40,000 per year. We track earthquake magnitude, depth and exact location. We also alert users if there is any Tsunami warning is issued.

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